Enabling Aspirational Students for successful entry within the Engineering industry and Supporting companies to discover a hidden pool of engineering talent. There are a number of programmes that cater specifically to university students including Transition and Real Projects.

Transition is a series of workshops to prepare students for the world of work.

Watch a video on Transition

Each workshop features:

  • Individual Interviews and immediate feedback by industry professionals.
  • Group work role plays mirroring the real corporate company interview procedure.
  • Opportunities to get internship/graduate recruitment offers.
  • Offers for top performers to have job application ?make overs? free of charge by AFBE-UK.
  • AFBE-UK enrolment and subsequent access to all the networking / advice experienced engineers can provide.

How to get involved with Transition

  • Students: Register to attend an event by checking out our events page for upcoming upcoming events.
  • Engineering Professionals: Become a volunteer at our next Transition event.

How Transition can support your company sustainability targets?

  • The scheme provides a wider pool of talent who are better equipped to take on job roles.
  • Contact with talented diverse students who would be great investment for the future.
  • We provide certificate of participation to all participating companies and individuals which can be used as evidence to support your diversity and sustainability targets.
  • Become a corporate member of AFBE-UK, sponsor an event or provide volunteers for a Transition event.

Email us at [email protected]

Knowledge exchange between professionals and students on current relevant engineering topics.

Real projects is held during university academic term time and is open to students and professionals with a keen interest in engineering projects, developments and best practices. Our vision is to empower engineers to understand the challenges in the industry today.

Each event features:

  • Technical lectures.
  • Interactive sessions.
  • Seminars on current relevant engineering topics.

The talks are presented in a lunch and learn format.

How to get involved with Real projects?

  • Volunteer as a speaker on topic of interest to boost your confidence and present your views in less formal environment.
  • Host a Real Projects seminar in your organisation.
  • Sponsor a Real Projects seminar.

AFBE-UK members can enrol by sending email to us at [email protected]