AFBE-UK 2020 Annual Report now OUT!
29 January 2021 AFBE-UK

The 2020 Report and Newsletter is now OUT.

This report and newsletter reflects on the growth and influence of AFBE-UK in an extraordinary year. We had a successful transition to outreach and engagement online. Congratulations to the Scottish Executive Board on their 2020 AFBE-UK Member of the Year Award and to star team awardees Dr Urenna Adgegbotolu and Mo Oyetunji.  A great article by Dr Ollie Folayan  on Page 2 titled "The Implausible story of 2020"

Features include:

  • Page 2 : The Implausible story of 2020
  • Page 25: AFBE-UK and the Hamilton commission
  • Page 28: Dreams for my Son
  • Page 31: AFBE 2020 Member of the Year and Star Team Award

To read the report click here 

Download the full report here